0% Visa Credit Card

Make the switch to a Bridge Visa today. 

Say goodbye to balance transfer fees, cash advance fees, annual fees, and high interest rate credit cards. 

  • NO Interest for 6 month on all balance transfers
  • NO interest for 6 month on purchases for new cardholders


No Payments All Summer

Need a break? Get an auto loan or refinance your existing loan from another lender and get…

  •  INSTANT cash back up to $500
  • A low rate (rate match available)
  • A summer with NO payments for 90 days!


Royals Get MORE 


Rewards Program

Rate breaks. Waived fees. Free Services. 

You control the perks you get. It’s all about rewarding your relationship with us and giving you more value for your membership – from lower loan rates to higher savings rates and many other perks.

Reward Perks

Show us your video

“What is the most significant benefit to being a credit union member?”

Create a 1-2.5-minute video answering the question above to be entered to win a $5,000 scholarship from the Ohio Credit Union Foundation. All video scholarship entries (applications and videos) must be submitted to the Ohio Credit Union Foundation by 11:59:59 p.m. EST Friday, April 25, 2014.

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Bridge Credit Union

Play video

For over 40 years, the credit union served our members as State Transportation Employees Credit Union, or simply STE Credit Union. In September 2013 we became Bridge Credit Union. Our low rates, member service and financial services remained the same. Watch the video above to learn more about Bridge, who we are, and who we serve.


We are Bridge. We are here to serve our members with personal attention and excellent rates.

In addition to the Ohio Department of Transportation, Youth Services, Public Safety and the Transportation Research Center, we service other public and private transportation and logistics companies in Ohio. View membership eligibility.

Become A Member

Better rates

We offer auto, home, credit card, student and personal loans at better rates than most banks because we exist only to serve our members.

Higher returns

We can help you stretch your dollar by offering deposit accounts with high rates that are federally and privately insured.

All-in-one banking

We offer financial products and services to help you manage your daily finances and invest in your financial future.

Real, honest advice

We are owned by our members and are here to help. You can trust us to provide advice that is in YOUR best interest.
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    Checking & Savings


    Your money, our commitment to give you the greatest return.

    Whether you need a checking account, savings account or long-term savings options (including certificates), we monitor the rates other institutions are offering and are committed to price ours better. Your money is yours to grow. We believe in helping you do that.

    Safe investments, no worries.

    You can rest easy knowing your savings are safe and secure with Bridge Credit Union. We are financially healthy and are examined by state and federal regulators who ensure the safety and soundness of our operations. Your funds are further protected by federal and private insurance.


    The Bridge Difference

    Account benefits

    • High dividend rates.
    • Wide variety of accounts.
    • Your direct deposit can be split between accounts.
    • Peace of mind that your money is protected, accessible and transferable between most accounts.

    Apply Online Now


    Checking Accounts

    Lots of benefits, lots of value.

    At Bridge Credit Union, we believe in providing you a checking account that fits you and your personal lifestyle.

    Checking Account Types

    Crystal Free   Free, simple and classic.  Learn more

    Diamond Dividends   All the sparkle of a money market with the convenience of a checking account.  Learn more

    Clear Path   Clear your path with Bridge as your guide.  Learn more

    What we offer our members

    Quick Links

    Debit Card Roundup

    Enroll in our Debit Card RoundUp and we will round up your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and deposit the extra change into your savings (or whatever account you designate) automatically. Learn more or enroll in debit card roundup.piggy

    Savings Accounts

    Stress free savings.

    A savings account is the starting point on the road to financial success. Savings accounts provide relief from unexpected emergencies and allow you to realize your short-term and long-term goals debt-free. Dividends are paid monthly on any balance over $50.00 and the rate increases as your savings grows. Every household should have a regularly funded savings account, start yours now.

    Open a primary savings account with just $5.00.

    Open a primary savings account with a $5.00 minimum deposit and you are on your way to enjoying the privileges of Bridge Credit Union membership. Painlessly build your savings account one deposit at a time through a distribution from your direct deposit. Deposits can also be made in person, at one of our shared-branch locations, at ATM’s that take deposits, or by mail, or through promise deposit (if enrolled).

    Money Market Savings

    The more you save the more you earn. Our Money Market Savings Account offers competitive rates and easy access to your money, with the ability to transfer between your accounts. With the tiered rates, as your balance increases, so do earnings. The minimum balance to open a Money Market Savings is $1,000. Keep your balance above $1,000 and you’ll avoid a monthly fee. That’s it. There are no other requirements or hoops to jump through. Simply watch your savings grow!

    Special Savings

    Sometimes you are saving for more than one purpose. At Bridge, you can conveniently distribute your deposits into multiple accounts. Manage your money easier by setting up multiple savings accounts for multiple purposes.

    Christmas Club Savings

    Reduce the stress of the holidays. Start a Christmas Club savings account and have your Christmas paid before you start shopping! Select from one of three dates and the amount you saved is automatically deposited on the last day of either September, October, or November to your checking account (or if you don’t have one to your savings account).


    Open account now

    Why should you save?

    • Gives you a cushion for extra expenses
    • Helps pay for short, mid, or long-term goals
    • It’s easy! Pay yourself first and split your deposit.


    Long-term goals, greater returns.

    When you have your sights set on longer-term goals and are ready to move a part of your savings into longer-term investments, we have a variety of structured certificates and protected-principal IRA’s that will earn you more than a traditional savings account.

    Certificates of Deposit

    Once your short-term savings reach a certain amount it makes sense to transfer funds to a Certificate where you can earn dividends at a much higher rate. Certificates are purchased for a specific term from 6 months to 24 months for an amount of your choice as long as the minimum balance is met. This excellent investment vehicle earns a high fixed rate for the entire term and is insured by the US Government through NCUA, and with additional private insurance. Dividends are compounded monthly and your certificate automatically renews at the current rate offering, unless you request otherwise.

    Many people choose to invest in several CDs of different maturity periods so that they have a CD maturing every 6 or 12 months and never have all of their money tied up in a long-range account. Should you need your funds before maturity, you can close your certificate.  Be aware that a penalty is charged on early withdrawals. To avoid a penalty fee, you can call our loan department and talk about a short-term, certificate-secured loan.  These loans offer very low interest rates and may cost you less than an early withdrawal penalty.

    Click here for current rates.

    open account now

    Rate break for retirees

    Bridge recognizes your many years of service  and has created ConnectPLUS, a complete package of benefits just for you. If you were an employee of one of our employer groups and retired, you are eligible for this 2013 award-winning member service program. You could earn up to an additional .25% annual percentage rate on your certificate of deposit. Contact us for more information.

    Learn more about your benefits.


    Save more money for your retirement.

    An IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a personal savings plan that provides income tax advantages to individuals saving money for retirement purposes. Investments into an IRA are termed “contributions” and are capped by tax law. We offer Traditional, Roth, and Educational IRA’s. The tax advantages differ with each so it is important that you consult with a tax professional to determine which type of IRA is best for you.

    Contact Us about an IRA


    Helpful Brochures
    Answers to Your Questions About an Roth IRA
    Answers to Your Questions About an Traditional IRA
    Rolling Your Way to a Better Retirement
    Coverdell Questions and Answers

    Peace of Mind Service

    Get more peace of mind.

    At Bridge, you can be confident your money is safe with us, easy to access, and available to use between accounts.

    Promise Deposit…Got a check to deposit?

    You don’t have to find time to find us…simply deposit your check online!

    We know you’re busy and can’t always stop your day to bank. As your partner, we have made it easy and convenient to do your banking wherever (or whenever) you can. Its simple, you tell us about the check you need to deposit, and we deposit the funds right away into your account. You deliver (in-person, email, mail, or fax) the check to the credit union within 10 calendar days.

    How to enroll?

    Enrollment is easy. Request access here or call 800.434.7300.

    Deposit Insurance

    Each account holder is federally insured up to $250,000, which is backed by the full faith and credit of the federal government through the National Credit Union Administration. For further protection, we provide an additional $250,000 of insurance through Excess Share Insurance – for a total of up $500,000 per owner. Traditional and Roth IRA’s are insured aggregately up to $500,000. For more information about NCUA insurance coverage of transaction accounts, visit NCUA’s website.

    Overdraft Protection Solutions

    • Overdraft from other deposit accounts
    • Overdraft from loans
    • Courtesy advance (negative overdrafting)

    Learn More

    Payroll Direct Deposit

    You can set up a direct deposit and automatically have a part of your pay deposited to Bridge, while the remaining goes to another financial institution. This deduction can be split many different ways into multiple accounts. An automatic savings plan is the easiest way to build a savings account. Payroll direct deposit also makes a convenient loan repayment method. All of the advantages of payroll direct deposit can bring you peace of mind that your money is moving in the right accounts automatically. More information.

    Access Anytime, Anywhere

    We don’t make you jump through unnecessary hurdles to get to your money. There are a variety of ways to access your funds other than taking your time to visit us in person.

    Check Withdrawal

    By telephone, online banking, or our 24-hour telephone service.

    Debit Card

    You can access your savings and checking accounts at an ATM. Master Money debit cards are issued at no cost or monthly fee if you have a checking account.

    Wire Transfer to Another Institution

    You can wire funds in and out of your accounts. Refer to our wire instructions form if you are wiring money in. If you are wiring money out, either complete a wire transfer form and fax to us at 614-466-5118 or call our office at 614-466-4988.

    Shared Branch

    With our shared branch locations, you can access your credit union accounts at almost 200 locations statewide. You can deposit or withdraw funds to/from your accounts.



    Bridge Credit Union – More

    We are always looking at new technologies, products, and services.

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    Loans & Credit


    Reach your financial dreams with our diverse loan options.

    Our lending products are packaged for convenience, value, and personal attention. No matter what your need (or want), we have the right loan for you. We can also easily refinance your current loan from another financial institution so you can take advantage of all the cost-savings and benefits we offer. For current rates, check out our rate board. Calculate your payment by using our current rates and our loan calculators. With a simple application and closing process, knowledgeable and friendly loan experts, and flexible payment options, a Bridge Credit Union loan is an easy choice.

    Plus! Get covered with low-cost bundled insurance products.

    The Bridge Difference

    Bridge benefits

    Apply Online Now



    Man Posing With His Car


    AND Instant Cash Back
    Need a break? Get an auto loan or refinance your existing loan from another lender and get…
    • INSTANT cash back up to $500
    • A low rate (rate match available)
    • A summer with NO payments for 90 days!
    BONUS. Get a $100 gas card for a fully protected auto loan.

     Apply Now

    Questions? Contact us for complete details.

    New and Used Auto Loans

    Our auto loans are packaged for convenience, value, and personal attention.  If you are looking to buy a new or new to you vehicle, or simply want to save money by refinancing your existing loan, Bridge has the right auto loan for you.  Calculate an estimated payment with our handy calculators.

    Youth Auto Loans

    To assist the next generation in wisely establishing credit, we offer a Youth Auto Loan. This program is open to all members aged 16-18 and offers all of the benefits and rates of our regular vehicle loans. All that is required is a qualified co-borrower who is the parent or guardian. After twelve months of favorable repayment history and when the minor is 18, the co-borrower can request to be removed from the loan.

    Recreational Vehicle Loans

    Roam free with feature-filled financing on RV’s, motorcycles, boats, and off-road vehicles with many of the features as our auto loans.

    Don’t forget…


    Bridge benefits

    Want an even better rate?

    Apply Online Now


    Bridge Credit Union believes in expanding the dreams of home ownership to as many of our members as possible. We also realize that equity in a home has traditionally been the biggest source of personal wealth. Low cost borrowing against a home’s equity can offer a good solution for funding high cost items.

    First Mortgages

    Buying a home should be an exciting experience and obtaining a loan should be hassle-free. We’ve made it simple for you by offering a wide variety of products for almost everyone, excellent rates, and a home mortgage site where you’ll learn everything, and more, about making a good financing decision. Knowledge is power, and empower yourself whether you’re buying a new home or refinancing your existing loan.

    Home Equity

    Borrow against your home’s equity through a fixed amount, fixed rate or line of credit, variable rate product. We offer you hard to beat rates, expert service, and no prepayment penalties. 

    We promise a personal touch. We’ll guide you through the entire process and counsel you on the best product to fit your situation.  Call our specialized mortgage officer at 614-466-4989 and enjoy a truly different experience.



    Bridge Benefits

    • Excellent rates (monitor market rates)
    • Conventional, 15 year and 30 year fixed loans
    • First time home-buyer programs
    • FHA/VA programs
    • 97% LTV programs available
    • Fixed amount, fixed rate or, line of credit, variable rate home equity loans
    • Trusted relationships



    In partnership with cuStudent, credit unions have funded over $80,000,000 for the 2013-2014 school year!

    In partnership with cuStudent, credit unions have funded over $80,000,000 for the 2013-2014 school year!

    Student Loans

    The cost of a college education is expensive, but worth every penny. We encourage all of our students to maximize scholarships, grants, and federal loans. These are the most economical ways to pay for a higher education (short of mom and dad). However, when those sources aren’t enough, we can bridge the gap.

    Through a partnership with a network of over 160 not-for-profit credit union lenders, we offer two student loan programs, the cuScholar Private Student Loan and the cuGrad Private Student Loan Consolidation Program.

     cuScholar Private Student Loan Program

    The cuScholar Private Student Loan Program can be used to pay for qualified education educational expenses including tuition, room and board, books, and other school related expenses.

    cuGrad Private Student Loan Consolidation Program

    The cuGrad Private Student Loan Consolidation Program can be used to consolidate and refinance your outstanding private student loan debt.

     Learn more or apply


    Bridge cuScholar Benefits

    1. No origination fee
    2. 1% interest rate reduction once 10% of loan principal is repaid
    3. 30-day no-fee return policy
    4. Cosigner release available

    For complete CuScholar information and FAQs, visit the cuStudent loan center 

     Bridge cuGrad Benefits

    • No origination fee
    • Simplify your finances with one easy payment
    • Lower payment possible
    • Cosigner release available
    • Interest-only repayment option available

    For complete cuGrad information and FAQs, visit the cuStudent loan center


    For all the little things you’ll need!

    Sometimes you just need a little extra. With our low rate personal loans, you can rest easy knowing you have a place to go when you need help.

    Our signature loans are quick and flexible.

    Our signature loans offer the ability to access cash quickly at a low rate without the use of higher rate credit cards. We can approve, process, and get cash in your pocket quickly to take care of almost any need.
 During the holidays, our Holiday loans are a popular choice if you want to budget your expenses and pay a lower rate than if you used your store credit card.

    Share secured loans at a low rate… even if your credit isn’t perfect.

    Share secured loans give you the best of all worlds. By borrowing against an amount equal to or less than the amount you have on deposit, you can reap the benefits of earning dividends while paying an extraordinary low rate for your loan (rate is determined based on the current dividend rates being paid). Share secured loans also offer the opportunity to rebuild credit. Our lending qualifications for these specific loans allow for less than perfect credit.

    Bridge Benefits

    Apply Online Now

    Credit Cards

    0% Intro APR – plus FREE Balance Transfers

    Get closer to Royal Rewards with a Bridge Platinum Visa. Make a balance transfer to Bridge, save and earn rewards. No interest for 6 months on all balance transfers, and no interest for 6 months on purchases for new cardholders.

    Make the switch to a Bridge Platinum Visa today!

    Apply Now!

    To view a copy of Bridge’s Visa Credit Card Agreement, click here.
    PDF Visa Promo Application
    Balance Transfer Form 
    *APR=Annual Percentage Rate. For new card accounts, the promotion allows both balance transfers and purchases using an APR of 0% for 6 billing cycles.  For existing card accounts, the promotion allows for balance transfers using an APR of 0% for 6 billing cycles. At the end of the promotional period the rate will reset to the standard 11.90% APR on all balance types. Cardholders who are 30 days delinquent will lose the promotional rate and their account will resume using the standard 11.90% APR.

    Platinum Visa Rewards Card

    The strength of carrying a credit card is its convenience and world-wide acceptance. Credit cards can also be powerful tools in building or improving credit. There are many credit cards on the market and we know you have a choice. That’s why we created a card that makes your decision easy, The Bridge Platinum VISA Rewards Card. This card doesn’t compromise a low rate for rewards points. And it doesn’t make you pay for value by charging you needless fees. You simply get a premium rewards card that saves you money. Plus, you get the personal service and attention you’ve come to expect as part of our credit union family. Check out our benefits and apply for your Bridge Platinum VISA Rewards Card today.

    Your Bridge Platinum VISA Rewards card gives you premium rewards and premium protection.

    Your Bridge Platinum VISA Rewards card earns points every time you use it. These points can be used for travel and merchandise. Learn more.

    Using your card gives you added protection and security. From travel insurance to zero liability against fraud, we got you covered. Learn more about your peace of mind benefits.

    Payment FAQs

     Are you an existing cardholder?

    Transfer your higher rate balances from your other credit cards to your Bridge Credit Union card by calling our loan department at 614-466-4988 or by completing a balance transfer form and returning to our office.

     Bridge Benefits
    • No default rate
    • Why is this important?
    • Same rate for purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances
    • No cash advance fees
    • No balance transfer fee
    • Why should you care?
    • No over credit limit fees
    • No annual fees
    • No currency conversion fees
    • Free 24/7 online banking access to monitor and control your credit card activity
    Apply Now


    Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Loan

    In addition to the traditional loans we offer (auto, credit card, mortgages, and student loans), we offer a unique loan product designed specifically for Commercial Truck Drivers. The Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Loan was created and customized with you in mind. Our CDL loan takes the pressure off your shoulders when paying for your certification.

    Loan Benefits

    • Loan for the cost of classes & licensing
    • Low rate
    • 90 days no payments
    • Easy payment options
    • Stress-free & fast application process

    Apply Now


    Business Loans

    You have a vision for your business and the reality is: Your business needs money to make that vision come to life. From meeting your weekly payroll, buying inventory, or funding large scale capital projects, you need access to funding. Bridge Credit Union can help you with your business needs by offering loans of different sizes and terms.

    We have partnered with Cooperative Business Services (CBS), a credit union cooperative that operates under the same credit union philosophy: not for profit, not for charity, but for service. This partnership gives us the flexibility to offer a loan structure that works best for you.

    Available Loans

    • Micro Loan Program (loans less than $250,000)
      Terms up to 10 years, amortizations up to 25 years. Fixed and variable rates available.
    • Commercial Real Estate Financing
      For the purchase or refinance of commercial, industrial, and/or investment property. Terms range from 10 years, amortizations up to 25 years. Fixed and variable rate options.
    • Term Loans
      For the purchase or refinance of machinery, equipment, or other capital assets. These loans are generally 12 to 180 month terms with fixed and variable rate options available.
    • Lines of Credit
      Available for any general business purpose. Rates are typically set at a floating rate with the Wall Street Journal Prime Lending rate as the index.
    • SBA 7(a) and 7(a) Express Loans and SBA 504 Loans.

    Contact our lending department at 800-434-7300, option 4, to apply or to schedule an appointment with a lending specialist.

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    Value-Added Member Services

    What Our Members Say

    Member comment about Bridge Credit Union: "Whoa, you are quick, thank you so much. Love Bridge Credit Union"  April 9, 2014
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    News & Resources

    Heartbleed Internet Bug


    Bridge Credit Union has tested our servers and online services to ensure they are not at risk from the "Heartbleed" internet bug that is affecting many servers nationwide.

    Read More

    April’s Budget Friendly Recipe of the Month


    Warmer weather/grilling season is almost here, these slider burgers, served on dinner rolls, are a fun alternative to traditional-size hamburgers.

    Read More

    Bridge Credit Union and Roadmaster Driver School partner to put truckers on the road


    Bridge Credit Union is tapping its transportation roots to put prospective truck drivers on Ohio’s highways.

    Read More

    Louise Herring Award Winners Find Their Niche


    Michigan First CU and Bridge CU targeted opposite ends of the member spectrum.

    Read More
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    ATMs & Locations

    Find an ATM

    We have thousands of surcharge free ATMs state and nationwide. Enter a street address or simply a zip code to find the closest one to you.

    Find an ATM

    Main Branch

    1980 W. Broad Street
    Columbus, Ohio 43223

    Hours: Mon – Fri 8am – 4pm
    614-466-4988 or 800-434-7300

    Our mailing address is:
    1980 W. Broad Street
    Mail Stop #0000
    Columbus, OH 43223



    Shared Branches

    Our network of Co-op shared branches has nearly 250 locations statewide and thousands nationwide.

    Find a shared branch

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    Contact Us

    The value we pride ourselves on the most at Bridge is our commitment to providing friendly, trustworthy service and real support. If you have questions, comments or concerns, we want to hear from you.

    Please fill out all fields with valid data.
    There was an error. Please try again.
    Thank you! We will be in touch soon. If you don't receive a reply within 48 hours, please contact our office at 1-800-434-7300.


    Bridge Credit Union Headquarters

    1980 W. Broad Street
    Mail Stop #0000
    Columbus, Ohio 43223

    Toll free: 800.434.7300
    Local: 614.466.4988
    Fax: 614.466.5118
    Email: memberinfo@bridgecu.org

    After hours/weekend lost or stolen card? 

    Visa Credit Card: 800.543.5073
    Debit Card: 800.528.2273

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