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Switching Gears: The Powerful Connection Between Bridge Credit Union and Roadmaster Drivers School of Ohio, Inc

By March 6, 2014March 30th, 2017Uncategorized

Passing A Semi Truck

Article Courtesy of Columbus Chamber of Commerce 

The Columbus Chamber and its Columbus Region Logistics Council (CRLC) serve as a hub of connections for the business community. Two organizations that connected through the CRLC are Bridge Credit Union and Roadmaster Drivers School of Ohio, Inc.

In the Columbus Region, a huge need for truck drivers exists, but receiving adequate financing can often be difficult for prospective students. Realizing this problem, Bridge joined the CRLC and established a partnership with Roadmaster to develop better financing options for CDL students.

Since the program’s start in October 2013, Bridge has approved 52 applicants, providing interest rates as low as 11.65 percent. Bridge is able to offer better options to CDL students by reviewing applicants on a case by case basis, taking the individual’s pre-hire income into consideration.

The partnership between Bridge and Roadmaster has not only benefitted these two companies, but has also served as a catalyst to fill positions with transportation and logistics companies in the region.

“Companies are always telling us about their needs; they have driver spots that need filled,” said Jeff Whittington, School Director of Roadmaster. “This program will help us to place more students in those roles by offering the extra financial support they need.”

Trucking companies such as TMC Transportation are excited about the new partnership, which creates a larger pool of qualified drivers to fill open positions, such as those created by TMC’s recent purchase of 1,500 new trucks.

The partnership between Roadmaster and Bridge has been truly beneficial for everyone involved while tackling a huge need that exists in the region.

“Collaboration and partnerships between CRLC members, like this one between Bridge and Roadmaster, reinforce the CRLC’s mission of ‘growing the Regions’ capabilities and assets as a logistics hub,’” said CRLC director Jeff Zimmerman.

Together, these two companies are driving increased employment in a vital industry, continuing to make Central Ohio a great place to do business.