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Save money by making your own Halloween Costume.

By October 16, 2015October 21st, 2019Uncategorized
Bag of Jelly Beans
This bag of jelly beans costume must be the sweetest one of the bunch!
What you need to do: Get a clear trash bag, cut holes for your arms and legs to fit through. Print the nutritional facts on the back of the costume, just like what you see on the backs of candy bags. Fill up the bag with colored balloons for the jellybeans, and tie up the trash bag near your neck with a ribbon.
Bath Puff

A bath puff costume is sure to be one of the most creative costumes of the night! And you can make it yourself to boot.

What you need to do: Buy some tulle from a fabric store, and bunch it up to pin or sew on an outfit. You can choose to wear a tube dress, tank top and shorts, or leggings and t-shirts underneath.

Waldo and Wenda

What’s great about this costume is there can never be too many Waldos and Wendas. The more the merrier!

What you need to do: Get a red- and white-striped shirt, red and white cap, black- and round-rimmed glasses, and a pair of jeans. Wenda’s glasses are a little more triangular, and she also wears red- and white-striped socks, along with a denim skirt.

Home Improvement’s Wilson

Throwback to the ’90s! This is such a clever costume that’s really easy and affordable to make. Just a warning: you may end up giving advice all night.What you need to do: Get popsicle sticks to make the fence, beige floppy hat, and a brown plaid shirt.

Facebook Profile

I’m sure everyone will “like” this costume.

What you need to do: Make a big printout of a Facebook profile. Cut out the actual photo in the printout for you to stick your head in.

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