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Become a Bridge Builder.

By May 25, 2018July 25th, 2019Featured, Uncategorized
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Help Set Bridge’s Vision as an Associate Director.

One of the many great benefits of your credit union membership is that we give members the opportunity to be a voice for membership through our Associate Director Program. Through this program, selected members represent the needs of the credit union and contribute to a vision and direction for Bridge.

Associate Directors will have all the rights, duties, and responsibilities of regular Board members, including participation in debate at Board meetings, except that they will not have the right to vote on motions deliberated at Board meetings.

  • Learn more about credit unions, personal finance, and other aspects of the credit union’s  operating environment.
  • Take advantage of excellent formal learning opportunities.
  • Serve fellow credit union members in a leadership capacity.
If you are interested in being a candidate, please call us at 800.434.7300, email us at, or click here to contact us.