Buying a Used Vehicle? Follow These Steps!

By April 2, 2019Featured

Car shopping on a budget? Buying a used car can save you a lot of money in the long run, as long as you choose wisely! A few reasons to consider a “new-to-you” vehicle over a brand-new vehicle are that used cars lose value at a slower rate than a new car, they cost less, and you can get more features for less money. You can find a great used car and get the most bang for your buck by taking these steps:

Line Up Financing 

Consider reaching out to Bridge before you start your car search. We offer up to $1000 cash back when you finance with us. We will pay you $50 if we can’t offer you the best rate! Learn more here. It’s better to get financing figured out first since dealer financing often has higher interest rates. You could save quite a bit of money just by getting financed before you step foot on the lot.

Test Drive

This seems like a given to most of us, however about one out of five used car buyers forego the test drive. Make sure you are happy with what you are purchasing! It’s better to take 10 minutes to test drive the car before signing the paperwork than to be surprised by issues later.

Mechanic Inspection 

Having a mechanic look at the car before finalizing the deal is a great choice. If you are buying from the dealer, they may even pay for the inspection. They may not offer to, but you can do your part by asking! Even if the dealer won’t cover the cost, it’s better to be safe than sorry by getting a professional opinion.

Run a Vehicle History Report    

Vehicle history reports are an easy way to get information about the number of previous owners, issues with the car, or any accidents the car has been in. These details are important to know when it comes to deciding a fair price for the vehicle.

Car shopping can be stressful. Let Bridge help give you peace of mind with financing. Call us at 800-434-7300 with any questions. Also, feel free to ask about our 90 day no payment option!


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