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Affordable Summer Fun

By July 3, 2019July 25th, 2019Featured, Uncategorized

Summer is here and won’t be going anywhere for several more weeks! Is your wallet feeling the heat? As we approach the warmest part of the year, you might be looking for more cost-effective ways to have fun for the remainder of the summer months. Amusement parks, water parks, and movies can be fun but also costly! Here are just a few ideas that won’t break the bank:

Decorative Garden Pots:

Art projects don’t get much easier than this! All you need are some terra cotta pots and outdoor paints. You can splatter paint, use glitter, turn the pot upside-down to let the paint drip and dry down the sides or stencil a design. The possibilities are endless!

Shop at the Farmer’s Market:

I know it’s tempting but consider skipping the drive thru. Make a healthier choice while helping local businesses. Take the family to your local farmer’s market to pick out fresh fruits and veggies! Here are a couple in the Columbus and Dayton areas:

Water Balloon Baseball:

Fun for all ages and perfect for a hot day! Just fill up some water balloons, get a plastic bat from the dollar store and batter up! Even the older kids will enjoy it and the youngest can use a tee if needed.

Visit a Metro Park:

Put down the phone and get some fresh air! Going on a walk and enjoying nature is free! Ohio has plenty of parks to choose from. Find one here!

Looking for other ideas?

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