Best Dayton Neighborhoods to Buy a Home

Dayton, Ohio has a population of 140,000 and is broken down into 69 different neighborhoods making it the sixth largest community in Ohio. Dayton is diverse and full of history (known for being the birthplace of aviation.) This mid-size city was ranked in the top 100 best places to live among U.S. metro areas according to U.S. News and World Report. The study analyzed 125 metro areas based on value of living, job markets and quality of life.

1ST PLACE – Five Points allows you to compare neighborhoods with letter grades for public schools, housing, and their “overall niche grade”. According to, the best place to buy a house in the Dayton area is Five Points. Five points overall niche grade is an A+ with their public schools and housing grades both earning A’s. You can view homes for sale in the Five Points area by clicking here.

The median home value in the Five Points neighborhood is $260,600.

2ND PLACE – Springboro

Next on the list is Springboro, a suburb of Dayton also with a straight A’s for public schools, housing and their overall niche grade from The median home value comes in at $212,900 and median rent sits at $969. You can take a peek at homes for sale in the Springboro neighborhood by clicking here.

3RD PLACE – Oakwood

The third-place ranking goes to Oakwood. Oakwood has just under 10,000 people and a variety of bars, restaurants, coffee shops and parks. The public schools in the Oakwood area are very highly rated. The median home value is $224,800 and the median rent is $1127. Interested in making Oakwood your home? Click here to browse homes for sale in the area.

4TH PLACE – Pheasant Hill

Pheasant Hill is 4th on the Niche list. While it offers an A rating for housing, the one drawback is the public schools given a C+ rating. The median home value is $169,500 and the median rent is $1614. You can find houses for sale by following this link.

5TH PLACE – Forest Ridge/Quail Hollow

In 5th place is Forest Ridge/Quail Hollow. There are a lot of parks in the area and many young professionals live there. The median home value is lowest in the top 5 Dayton neighborhoods at $145,969. The median rent is $1030. The public schools have a C+ and housing has an A. The overall niche grade is an A-. Homes for sale in the Forest Ridge/Quail Hollow area can be seen here.

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