Curb Appeal Without Breaking the Budget

Looking to sell your home or makeover the outside of your home? If looking to sell, you should consider putting effort into making the outside of your home look presentable. Despite the “Don’t judge a book by its cover” saying, naturally many of us will especially when it comes to major purchases. Here are some easy and affordable changes you can make to help the exterior of your home stand out.

Fix Up the Front Door

The front door can serve as the focal point of the exterior. If there is visible wear and tear, consider replacing. If your door is already in decent condition, you can paint or replace the fixtures to give it a trendy look. Estimated Cost: $20 – $1800

Replace Old Hardware

House numbers, mailboxes and light fixtures are all things that can be replaced easily.  They should all be cohesive rather than looking like mix and match pieces. Consider the style of your home when you are picking out the new hardware. Estimated Cost: $100

Add Outdoor Lighting

Subtle outdoor lighting can take your landscape to the next level. You can put lights around trees, flower beds, or walking paths. No place to lay down wiring? No problem! There are plenty of solar lights to choose from and you can even find simple designs at the dollar store! $20 – $100

Grow a Garden

Having flowers can add a lot of color and curb appeal to the outside of your home. Even small trees or shrubs can make the exterior more visually appealing. You can plant flowers in a mulched garden or container garden. You can find a variety of flowerpots and planters for low cost at garden centers and general stores. Estimated Cost: $20 – $200

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