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4 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

The pandemic caused a lot of uncertainty and what felt like a waiting game as to when things would start going back to normal. Many travel plans were severely delayed or ended up cancelled. Now as more Americans are getting vaccinated, restrictions are being lifted throughout the country. Everyone wants to get back out and about! The anticipated travel boom has already begun. Travel can get expensive especially when demand is high. Here are some quick tips for budget-friendly travel:

Track flight prices

There are so many ways to book a flight. Sometimes, the right timing can save you hundreds of dollars. You can monitor flight prices and receive alerts from different apps and websites. Google flights, skyscanner, and hopper are just a few options that can help keep you updated when flight prices go up or down.


Consider traveling during “off-seasons.” Visiting a destination during their less popular months can result in lower costs for lodging, food and tourist attraction tickets. Or if you have your vacation planned for a certain month, leave your date options open to compare costs depending what time of the month you decide to go.

Avoid Gift Shops

The markup on souvenirs can be extremely high. There are plenty of other ways to remember your trip than buying a t-shirt. You can take photos, collect shells, or driftwood. The shells and driftwood can be used for some unique home décor crafts.

Eat Smart

Spending money on food can really add up on vacation. Try not to splurge for every meal. You can save money by taking advantage of free breakfast offered by the hotel. Eat a bigger breakfast since it is included with your stay. Then for lunch you can opt for something light. For dinner, find out where the locals eat! These places usually have great food for a lower cost than the popular tourist spots.

Vacation is a time for fun and relaxation. Following just one of these tips has the potential to save you hundreds. For what you do spend, remember that Bridge offers rewards options with their Platinum Visa® Credit Cards. You can earn cashback on every purchase. Learn more here!