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3 Unique Tips for Maintaining Your Car

We depend on our cars for many things, and while the variety of products and tools to keep cars in top-notch shape may be intimidating. The good news is that keeping your car hummingly happy is simple with these unique tips.

A simple product that can be found in your bathroom drawer can go a long way. Using a big fluffy makeup brush can remove the dust in between the vents. This will have your car looking brand new with just a little fluffing.

While it is recommended to get your car waxed regularly. It can involve a lot of time and money. But lucky for car owners, you can use a bathroom staple such as a hair conditioner instead of wax. Hair conditions are made with the same ingredients you can find in waxing formulas. However, conditioner is much easier and cheaper to apply!

Lastly, if you want a fresh homemade air freshener, it is as simple as heading to your laundry room! The next time you do a load of laundry, grab your laundry scent balls and a jar with a lid to make an air freshener for your car. This will give you an at-home feeling and a simple method to never run out of air freshener!

While these tips are fun alternatives for keeping your car clean and to keep that new car feeling. It is important to understand your owner’s manual to keep up with everything there is to need to know about your car. Keeping your car up to date will make for saving you time and expensive repairs in the long run.



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