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Back to School Supply Drive 2021

By July 12, 2021July 28th, 2021Featured, Uncategorized

At Bridge Credit Union, we aim to operate for our members, and our primary focus is and always will be our members and our local communities. In doing so, our goal is to provide the Bridge difference and help those in need.

Join Bridge Credit Union in making sure students in our Columbus, Dayton, and Springfield communities start the year off right – with all the supplies they need to be successful.

Each Bridge Credit Union branch will be collecting donations from the end of July through August. Check out the details below to learn more!


Columbus: Hilltop Area Franklin County Schools

Donation period: July 26th-August 16th

Needed: pencils, paper, crayons, pocket folders, spiral notebooks.

Not Needed: glue & glue sticks

Dayton: Dayton Public Schools

Donation period: July 14th-August 4th

Needed: lined paper, pencils, folders, calculators – TI-30XIIS scientific calculator, whiteboard markets, glue sticks, highlighters, crayons, markers, decks of cards and dice for math games

Springfield: Springfield Public Schools

Donation period: July 21st-August 11th

Needed: Pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, backpacks, coats, gloves, socks.


As you school supply shop this year, don’t forget about your Bridge Platinum Visa® Credit Card Rewards!

You can choose between cashback or points!

We thank you in advance for your generosity and for helping to bring our communities together!