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eGuard – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is eGuard?

A. eGuard is a secure solution that provides an extra layer of security for member transactions. Which enables members to receive text messages and phone calls between 9 am – 9pm to confirm suspicious card activity.

Q. Do cardholders have to enroll?

A. No. With eGuard, cardholders will automatically be enrolled in this secure service.

Q. Will all transactions now process through eGuard?

A. No. In order for a transaction to process through eGuard, the merchant must participate in the eGuard program. Today, less than 5% of all transactions are an thru eGuard —however, this volume is expected to dramatically increase over the next few years due to increases in card-not-present fraud.

Q: When a cardholder receives a phone call – what number is displayed on caller ID?

A: The number displayed will be 877-230-3179.

Q: When a cardholder receives a text message – what number is displayed?

A: The number displayed will be 33748.

If you have further question give us a call at 800.434.7300.