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Promise Deposit

Remote Check Deposit

What is Promise Deposit?

Promise Deposit allows you to deposit your check without making a trip to either our office, ATM, or shared branching location. Once you’re approved for this service, check deposits are as simple as signing in to your online banking account (yet another reason to have one!) and following a few simple clicks. You’ll receive immediate credit for the deposit. However, if we are unable to provide immediate credit, we’ll let you know.

How do I enroll in Promise Deposit?

Members must be enrolled in order to enter a deposit into online banking. Members can request enrollment via online banking, once approved, the member can start making deposits. To request enrollment for Promise Deposit privileges while in online banking (after logging in), hover over My Accounts and choose Promise Deposits (This is the same link  used later, after they’ve been enrolled, to post an actual deposit). Click the “Enroll me in Promise Deposits” link at the bottom of the page.  You will continue to see this message when clicking on the Promise Deposits link, until an Bridge approves the enrollment request.

How do you make a deposit once enrolled in Promise Deposit?

Once a member has been enrolled, the Promise Deposits button on the My Accounts (in online banking) drop-down can be used to post a deposit, reprint a deposit slip, verify checks that need to be mailed, and check on due dates for previously posted deposits.

  • To start a new deposit click the “Create a New Deposit” button with in your online banking. Although all fields can be entered to help identify the specific check, only the following fields will actually be required: the check number, the date, and a dollar amount.
  • After all the required fields are complete click the “Add this check…” button
  • As each check is added and confirmed, the list at the bottom of the page will be updated to show the entire deposit and all of the checks that will need to be placed in the envelope.
  • Click the “Complete this Deposit” button to submit.

At this point the deposit has already been completed, and the transaction has been posted to the designated account. You will need to follow the instructions on this page. You can simply navigate to any other page in online banking, or start another deposit, or click the “View Current Promise Deposits” button to display this page.

For more information on Promise Deposit you can call 800.434.7300 or Click Here.