Protecting Your Money This Vacation

What can I do?

Be sure to let your bank and credit card companies know that you are traveling. Don’t let your travel purchases be mistaken as fraudulent as this could lead to a frozen account.

Take everything you don’t need out of your wallet. This includes extra credit cards, loyalty cards, and other identification cards. Tourists usually serve as targets for theft; this ensures maximum security and protection if you become a victim.

Don’t keep cash in one place and be careful about where you get it. ATMs that are connected to a physical bank are often under better surveillance. Also, be aware of machines that seem to have been tampered with.

Use Credit, not Debit. Credit cards are safer when traveling because they offer stronger legal protection.

Whether you’re traveling this summer or enjoying a “stay-cation” at home, Bridge is the perfect traveling companion. From our 1000+ shared branching locations, our new mobile app, and eAlerts, we offer complete accessibility to go wherever you go this summer.