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Our new app version features 4 different authentication types – including biometric options like fingerprint, facial, voice, and PIN-based to access your account. The following are questions and answers as they relate to the biometric sign-on options with Bridge Credit Union’s app 6.0.


Which devices support biometric authentication? What else is required?

You will need iOs 9.0 or later for iPhone and 4.4 or later for Android. To utilize fingerprint, your mobile device will also need to have the capability for fingerprint scan.

How do I set up biometrics?

To set up biometrics for authentication, click on the ‘Locked’ icon in the Menu bar at the bottom. Then swipe to the left or right to see biometric authentication options. Once you select to enroll with one of the biometric options, you will enter your online banking credentials.

What if I am locked out from using my online banking username, password, and security question answer?

If you are locked out from standard login (using your username, password and security question), contact the credit union and have them reset your online banking credentials.

Do I need to enable location services?

No. You do not need to enable location services to use the biometric authentication methods.

What if I get a new phone, or want to add an additional device?

In Settings & Info select “Reset App Data.” This will clear the app data stored on your device but will not alter or delete your profile. You can also login on your new device where it will let you know a previous enrollment has been found and you can click “ok” to copy authentication enrollments.

What if I want to deactivate an authentication option?

In Settings & Info, use “Authentication Options” where you can turn each authentication type on/off. To use this authentication option again, you will need to re-enroll. From this same area, use “Reset Authentication Options on All Devices. This will completely erase your profile on any registered device. To use any authentication option later, you will need to re-enroll.

Can I login with my username, password, and security question?

Yes. You can swipe to where the username and password screen shows to login with your username, password, and security question.

Do I have to click to authenticate each time?

You can choose to skip the step where you click the “authenticate with” button and instead automatically advance to signing in. To activate Quick Authentication, choose “Authentication Options” on the Settings & Info screen, from there you can select “Quick Authentication”.

Can I lock myself out?

If you are using biometric authentication, after several failed attempts you will be temporarily locked out. You can still login with your username, password, and security question.

Also, if you fail to authenticate correctly several times, you may also be asked to enter your device passcode.


What is required to enroll for voice recognition?

During enrollment you will say a passphrase that is presented on the mobile device. Three acceptable recordings are captured to create a voice profile.

Will voice enrollment allow for personal phrases to be recorded?

No. Personalized phrases are not supported.

Will voice recognition ask for access to the device microphone?

Yes. When enrolling for voice recognition the mobile app will ask for access to the device microphone.


What is required to enroll for PIN?

During enrollment you will be presented with a number pad you will enter a four-digit PIN and then enter it again to confirm the number.

How do I authenticate with PIN?

You will select “Authenticate with PIN”, where the number pad will be brought up on your device and you will enter the 4-digit PIN.

Will the PIN match the same PIN to my mobile device?

You have the ability to set the PIN to access mobile banking something different than your mobile device, or you can have these set to match.


Why am I not seeing the fingerprint verification?

Fingerprint authentication will only show on devices that support it. To use fingerprint authentication, there must be a fingerprint sample saved on the mobile device.

What is required to enroll for fingerprint?

During fingerprint enrollment, the sensor on the device captures a fingerprint sample that is compared with the fingerprint on the device.


Is Apple's Face ID supported?

Yes. If you have Face ID configured on your iPhone X or later iPhone modeals, you will be able to enroll.

How do I take the picture required by face authentication?

The phone will give you a sliding rule at the top of the screen to indicate the quality of your face image. When the phone says “Blink” at the top of the screen, blink one time to activate the face recognition to take a picture.

What are some tips for enrolling in Facial Recognition?

  • Center your face in the oval for best results.
  • The quality meter above is a combination of several variables including device orientation, lighting, exposure and sharpness.
  • When image qualify thresholds are met, the quality meter will be highlighted and must remain so for 5 seconds.
  • Removing glasses is highly recommended as they may produce glare that can inhibit quality during enrollment.
  • Certain types of hats or headwear can inhibit quality during enrollment.
  • Excessive glare on the front or top of the head can inhibit quality during enrollment.

What is required to enroll for face recognition?

Face recognition uses your devices camera to capture images you will need to blink, nod, or shake. You will see messaging at the top of the device that helps you position the camera to capture a successful photo. The quality meter at the top of the screen will change color to indicate the quality of the image.

How do I change the Face Recognition Action?

The default for face recognition is for the member to blink to capture the image (this provides a liveness test). Other liveness options include shaking your head, or a nod. This can be changed from the Settings & Info, choosing Authentication Options, and then Face Authentication.

How do I need to hold my device when enrolling?

When enrolling for face recognition you will need to hold the device vertically, the messaging will change to “Hold Device Upright”.

When the camera is ready to take pictures, you will be prompted to “Hold Steady.”