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You have finally set out on your own and even if you did inherit grandma’s old floral couch for your apartment… it’s still YOUR apartment. Living on microwave noodles and cereal? Sometimes first starting out is a challenge with limited resources or lack of knowledge on finances and budgeting. Our product and service recommendations start you off right – on a path to financial independence and dare we say… savings and a stocked fridge?

Systematic Savings

Build an emergency savings using direct deposit. You won’t spend the money as easily because it goes into a separate savings automatically each pay.

First Time Auto Loan

Our First-Time Auto Loan was created for the first-time auto buyer who may have difficulty obtaining a loan because of limited credit or no credit history at all. This loan not only funds the purchase of your vehicle with realistic terms and a competitive rate, but also provides the opportunity to establish positive credit history.

Credit Score Analysis

FREE one-on-one credit counseling. Knowledge is power. Whether your credit score is low, high, or in between, this personalized service can help you understand credit scores. Learn what makes up a credit score, what impacts it negatively and positively, and most important: how to raise and protect it.

Remote Services

Bridge was named one of 21 most “tech savvy” credit unions. We offer you remote deposit capture, mobile banking, and online application capabilities for membership, loans, and checking accounts. Bridge is one of three Ohio based credit unions to receive the recognition. Our app is available through Google Play and iTunes for Android and Apple devices.