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Get Rewarded For Your Purchases With Bridge's Platinum Visa® Credit Cards!

You Choose! Earn Cashback or Points For Your Everyday Purchases with Bridge’s Platinum Visa® Credit Cards!

Perfect for someone who is building or rebuilding credit.

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How Your Share Secured Credit Card Works

The credit card is secured by your Bridge share account so you’ll earn dividends while building your credit. Plus, you get to pick which rewards card is best for you.

Perfect for someone who wants peace of mind with a fixed rate.

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Your Bridge Platinum Rewards Card not only has an excellent interest rate and fee structure, you can also earn points with purchases. These points can be used for travel, merchandise, and “experiences” (think Safari in Africa). These points never expire and can be saved indefinitely. Unlike other cards where you have to sacrifice a rate or pay an annual fee to obtain rewards (or cash back), we package it at no additional “cost” to you.

Perfect if you want a flexible reward. What’s more flexible than cash to spend on anything you want?

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How Your Cashback Rewards Points Work

This low variable rate credit card pays Royal members 1.25% and non-Royals 0.50% cashback on qualifying transactions. For example, if you are a Royal member and spend $100, you will earn $1.25. The amount you earn at the end of each month is determined on your membership level status at the end of the prior month. Therefore, your cashback rewards can change if your membership level status changes. Cashback rewards are paid monthly and automatically deposited directly into your primary share account on the last day of the month (nothing for you to do). Cashback rewards are unlimited – that’s right, there are no limits to how much you can earn!

What is a Qualifying Transaction?

A qualifying transaction include goods or services purchased with your card, less any credits for charge reversals or other refunds. These do not include cash advances or balance transfers.

Peace of Mind Benefits

Use your card with peace of mind: You are protected.

Zero Liability

Your Bridge Platinum Visa Rewards Card can protect you from unauthorized purchases made through theft or fraud. Contact us immediately at 614-466-4988 if you notice your card is missing or an unauthorized charge appears on your account. You may not be liable for any of the charges.

Verified by Visa

Enroll your Bridge Platinum Visa Rewards Card in Verified by Visa.  This program protects you from fraudulent online charges.
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Travel Insurance

Use your card when booking airline tickets and you receive $250,000 in travel insurance. This insurance also covers you to and from the terminal.

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver

You are protected against damage due to collision or theft when you use your Bridge Visa card to pay for your rental vehicle. To activate coverage, complete the entire rental transaction with your card and decline the collision damage waiver coverage if offered by the rental company. If you have any questions, call our Benefits Administrator at 800-847-2911.
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Emergency Card Replacement and Emergency Cash Disbursement

Not being able to use card due to it being lost, stolen, or damaged can put you in a bind. Have peace of mind with your Bridge Visa card knowing you can get an emergency cash advance or your card replaced within one business day, or in some cases, within 24 hours, after approval. Call the Visa Global Customer Care department at 800-847-2911.

Bridge Credit Card Benefits

  • Learn more about your peace of mind benefits
  • No default rate – Why is this important?
  • No over credit limit, cash advance, balance transfer, annual or foreign transaction fees

Are you an existing cardholder?

Transfer your higher rate balances from your other credit cards to your Bridge Credit Union card. Have questions? Give us a call at 800.434.7300.

Credit Card FAQs

Where do I mail my payments?

Bridge Credit Union
10567 Sawmill Pkwy.
Ste. 100
Powell, OH 43065

When is my credit card payment due?

All credit card payments are due the 28th of each month.

Online Payment Center

With Bridge Credit Union’s Online Payment Center you have a convenient option to make your loan or credit card payment via our secure website 24/7.

Direct Deposit

Setting up a direct deposit makes it easy for you to have regular, automatic deposits coming from your employer.  To set up a direct deposit, provide your employer with our routing number (244077909) and your account number.  You will need to tell your employer whether you want the funds going to your savings or checking account. If you want your deposit split between accounts or to make a loan payment, complete our direct deposit form and fax, drop off, or mail the completed form.State of Ohio Employees:  To set up a direct deposit simply visit: to use OAKS Self-Service. You must set up your deposit by the final Thursday of any pay period to be effective that period.

Account to Account (A2A)

With Bridge’s Account to Account (A2A) Transfers gives you even more carefree access. A2A allows you to initiate a funds transfer to or from another financial institution electronically. Make deposits, withdrawals or even loan payments. Learn More.

Reoccurring Automatic Deductions

Credit Card payments can be debited from your checking or savings account at the bank or credit union of your choice. All payments are applied directly to your credit card account on the posting date selected, and will automatically be credited towards your credit card balance. Learn More.

Payment in Person

Through our network of Shared Branches we have thousands of locations Nationwide where you can make payment/deposit to your Bridge Credit Union account. Learn More.

Payment Via Phone

We can also take check by phone or card by phone payment via during regular business hours. Fees may apply. Please contact us at 800.434.7300.

Need assistance with your payment? Give us a call at 800.434.7300

Bridge’s credit cards save you money

A default rate is the interest rate you’ll be paying if you’re late making payments. Some of these rates are pretty hefty, up to 29.99% annual percentage rate. With your Bridge Credit Union card, there is no default rate. Your rate always stays the same, saving you money in interest charges.

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At Bridge, we believe in working harder and smarter for your money.

We want to provide our members with the latest in preventive technology so that your finances are better protected. Chip cards add an extra layer of security to our already secure cards. Fraud is real and Bridge has the tools you can use to protect yourself.

What does this mean for me?