Personal Loans

For all the little things you’ll need… our signature loans are quick and flexible.

Sometimes you just need a little extra. With our low rate personal loans, you can rest easy knowing you have a place to go when you need help. Our signature loans offer the ability to access cash quickly at a low rate without the use of higher rate credit cards. We can approve, process, and get cash in your pocket quickly to take care of almost any need.

Low rate share secured loans… even if your credit isn’t perfect.

Share secured loans give you the best of all worlds. By borrowing against an amount equal to or less than the amount you have on deposit, you can reap the benefits of earning dividends while paying an extraordinary low rate for your loan (rate is determined based on the current dividend rates being paid). Share secured loans also offer the opportunity to rebuild credit. Our lending qualifications for these specific loans allow for less than perfect credit.

We make the loan process easy

Whether you want to apply for a loan at 2 a.m. from the privacy of your home or call us during business hours and talk to our loan officer, you can do it. We make it easy to apply for a loan.

  • Online or mobile – anytime or anywhere.
  • Give us a call at 800-434-7300, option 4
  • Stop by and apply in person

Sign your loan online, get your funds quicker

To make it easier to sign your consumer loan and to get your loan funds faster, we offer members the option of signing their loan electronically.

  • DocuSign is an electronic signature web-based software, which allows contract signers to provide an e-signature to contract documents.
  • DocuSign simplifies the signature process, saves paper, and cuts the time until disbursement. The signatures are legally binding, so we can fund your loan as soon as the contract has been e-signed.

You’ll also be able to download a copy of your loan documents on demand, during or after the signing process. And, all parties will be notified by email when the loan documents have been signed by all parties.


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