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We are Bridge. We are here to serve our members with personal attention and excellent rates.

We are dedicated to connecting to and serving our membership in a fair, hassle-free, proactive and transparent manner. View membership eligibility.

Lots of benefits, lots of value.

We offer a variety of accounts with features designed just for you and your lifestyle. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we offer competitive rates on our savings accounts and several options for your checking account needs.

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The Bridge Difference

Account benefits

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Checking Accounts

Our checking accounts outshine the rest.

At Bridge Credit Union, we believe in providing you a checking account that fits you and your personal lifestyle.

Overdraft solutions

Checking Account Types

  • Crystal Free. Free, simple and classic.  Learn more
  • Diamond Dividends. All the sparkle of a money market with the convenience of a checking account.  Learn more
  • Clear Path. Clear your path with Bridge as your guide.  Learn more

CM Logo  Get more value out of your membership with ConnectMORE. The more services you use, the more rewards you get such as lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and other great perks. Learn More

Savings Accounts

Stress free savings.

A savings account is the starting point on the road to financial success. Savings accounts provide relief from unexpected emergencies and allow you to realize your short-term and long-term goals.

  • Special Savings. Saving for that special thing. Learn More
  • Money Market Savings. The more you save, the more you earn. Learn More
  • Primary Savings. Open a primary savings account and you are on your way. Learn More
  • Christmas Club Savings. Reduce the stress of the holidays. Learn More

CM Logo  Get more value out of your membership with ConnectMORE. The more services you use, the more rewards you get such as lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and other great perks. Learn More

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Why should you save?

  • Gives you a cushion for extra expenses.
  • Helps pay for short, mid, or long-term goals.
  • It’s easy! Pay yourself first and split your deposit.
  • Current Rates


Don’t Chase Rates – Move your money into a Bridge Certificate

You don’t have to chase rates to get the best rate. Being a Bridge Credit Union member is all it takes.

You can count on us shopping the market to bring you the most competitive rates. So, if you’re looking for the best strategy for getting the best rate, it’s your relationship with Bridge Credit Union.

Open a certificate today.

You can open a certificate through your online banking account, contact us online or gives us a call at 800.434.7300.

CM Logo  Get more value out of your membership with ConnectMORE. The more services you use, the more rewards you get such as lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and other great perks. Learn More

Rate break for retirees

Bridge recognizes your many years of service  and has created ConnectPLUS, a complete package of benefits just for you. If you were an employee of one of our employer groups and retired, you are eligible for this award-winning member service program. Contact us for more information.

Learn more about your benefits.


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Save more money for your retirement.

An IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a personal savings plan that provides income tax advantages to individuals saving money for retirement purposes.

Investments into an IRA are termed “contributions” and are capped by tax law. We offer Traditional, Roth, and Educational IRA’s. The tax advantages differ with each so it is important that you consult with a tax professional to determine which type of IRA is best for you.

CM Logo  Get more value out of your membership with ConnectMORE. The more services you use, the more rewards you get such as lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and other great perks. Learn More

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Peace of Mind Service

Safe investments, no worries.

You can rest easy knowing your savings are safe and secure with Bridge Credit Union. We are financially healthy and are examined by state and federal regulators who ensure the safety and soundness of our operations. Your funds are further protected by federal and private insurance.

Deposit Insurance

Each account holder is federally insured up to $250,000, which is backed by the full faith and credit of the federal government through the National Credit Union Administration. For further protection, we provide an additional $250,000 of insurance through Excess Share Insurance – for a total of up $500,000 per owner. Traditional and Roth IRA’s are insured aggregately up to $500,000.

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It’s important to keep all your account information up-to-date on your Bridge Account. Contact us today to update email, phone or address information. For a limited time update your email address for a chance to win a $100 Gift Card (offer ends soon!).

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Access Anytime, Anywhere

We don’t make you jump through unnecessary hurdles to get to your money. There are a variety of ways to access your funds other than taking your time to visit us in person.

Download Bridge’s Mobile App Today!

Where you go… we go.  Deposit checks, pay bills & monitor transactions – virtually anywhere! 

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Reach your financial dreams with our diverse loan options.

Our lending products are packaged for convenience, value, and personal attention. No matter what your need (or want), we have the right loan for you. We can also easily refinance your current loan from another financial institution so you can take advantage of all the cost-savings and benefits we offer.

Apply Today!

Plus! Get covered with low-cost bundled insurance products.

CM Logo  Get more value out of your membership with ConnectMORE. The more services you use, the more rewards you get such as lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and other great perks. Learn More

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The Bridge Difference

Bridge benefits

Survey blue 3d realistic paper speech bubble isolated on white
Please take a couple minutes to rate your most recent loan experience with Bridge using our online survey. You could win a VISA® gift card just for completing the survey.



New and Used Auto Loans

If you are looking to buy a new or new to you vehicle, or simply want to save money by refinancing your existing loan from another lender, Bridge has the right auto loan for you. Plus, you get the bonus option of a 90 day payment deferral!

First Time Auto Loans

Our First-Time Auto Loan was created for an auto buyer who may have difficulty obtaining a loan because of limited credit or no credit history. This loan not only funds the purchase of your vehicle with realistic terms and a competitive rate, but it also provides the opportunity to establish positive credit history. This program simply requires a qualified co-borrower.

Recreational Vehicle Loans

Roam free with feature-filled financing on RV’s, motorcycles, boats, and off-road vehicles with many of the features as our auto loans.

Want to see an estimated payment?
Calculate your payments with our calculator.

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Bridge benefits



Bridge Credit Union believes in expanding the dreams of home ownership to as many of our members as possible.

First Mortgages   Learn More

Buying a home should be an exciting experience and obtaining a loan should be hassle-free. We’ve made it simple for you by offering a wide variety of products for almost everyone, excellent rates, and a home mortgage site where you’ll learn everything, and more, about making a good financing decision.

Home Equity   Learn More

Equity in a home has traditionally been the biggest source of personal wealth. Low cost borrowing against a home’s equity can offer a good solution for funding high cost items.Borrow against your home’s equity through a fixed amount, fixed rate or line of credit, variable rate product and no prepayment penalties. 

We promise a personal touch. We’ll guide you through the entire process and counsel you on the best product to fit your situation.  Call our office today 800.434.7300 and enjoy a truly different experience.



Bridge Benefits

  • Excellent rates – market rates
  • Conventional, 15 year and 30 year fixed loans
  • First time home-buyer programs
  • FHA/VA programs
  • 97% LTV programs available
  • Fixed amount, fixed rate or, line of credit, variable rate home equity loans
  • Discount Home Insurance




Student Loans

The cost of a college education is expensive, but worth every penny. We encourage all of our students to maximize scholarships, grants, and federal loans. These are the most economical ways to pay for a higher education (short of mom and dad). However, when those sources aren’t enough, we can bridge the gap.

Through a partnership with a network of over 160 not-for-profit credit union lenders, we offer two student loan programs, the cuScholar Private Student Loan and the cuGrad Private Student Loan Refinance Program.

cuScholar Private Student Loan Program

The cuScholar Private Student Loan Program can be used to pay for qualified education educational expenses including tuition, room and board, books, and other school related expenses.

Learn more or Apply

cuGrad Private Student Loan Refinance Program

The cuGrad Private Student Loan Refinance Program can be used to consolidate and refinance your outstanding private student loan debt.

Learn more or apply

cuScholar Benefits

  1. No origination fee
  2. 30-day no-fee return policy
  3. Cosigner release available

cuGrad Benefits

  • No origination fee
  • Simplify your finances with one easy payment
  • Lower payment possible
  • Cosigner release available
  • Interest-only repayment option available


For all the little things you’ll need… our signature loans are quick and flexible.

Sometimes you just need a little extra. With our low rate personal loans, you can rest easy knowing you have a place to go when you need help. Our signature loans offer the ability to access cash quickly at a low rate without the use of higher rate credit cards. We can approve, process, and get cash in your pocket quickly to take care of almost any need.

Low rate share secured loans… even if your credit isn’t perfect.

Share secured loans give you the best of all worlds. By borrowing against an amount equal to or less than the amount you have on deposit, you can reap the benefits of earning dividends while paying an extraordinary low rate for your loan (rate is determined based on the current dividend rates being paid). Share secured loans also offer the opportunity to rebuild credit. Our lending qualifications for these specific loans allow for less than perfect credit.

CM Logo  Get more value out of your membership with ConnectMORE. The more services you use, the more rewards you get such as lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and other great perks. Learn More

Bridge Benefits

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Credit Cards

Bridge’s Platinum Visa® Credit Cards give you rewards just for making your everyday purchases.

You choose the credit card and the rewards that are right for you:
  • Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card – Learn more
  • Visa® Platinum Cashback Credit Card – Learn more
  • Visa® Share Secured Credit Card – Learn more

Are you an existing cardholder?

Transfer your higher rate balances from your other credit cards to your Bridge Credit Union card by calling our loan department at 800.434.7300 or fill out the balance transfer slip and fax it to 614.728.8090.

Payment FAQs

Bridge Benefits


Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Loan

In addition to the traditional loans we offer (auto, credit card, mortgages, and student loans), we offer a unique loan product designed specifically for Commercial Truck Drivers. The Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Loan was created and customized with you in mind. Our CDL loan takes the pressure off your shoulders when paying for your certification.

Loan Benefits

  • Loan for the cost of classes & licensing
  • Low rate
  • 90 days no payments
  • Easy payment options
  • Stress-free & fast application process

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Business Loans

You have a vision for your business and the reality is: Your business needs money to make that vision come to life. From meeting your weekly payroll, buying inventory, or funding large scale capital projects, you need access to funding. Bridge Credit Union can help you with your business needs by offering loans of different sizes and terms.

We have partnered with Cooperative Business Services (CBS), a credit union cooperative that operates under the same credit union philosophy: not for profit, not for charity, but for service. This partnership gives us the flexibility to offer a loan structure that works best for you.

Available Loans

  • Micro Loan Program (loans less than $250,000)
    Terms up to 10 years, amortizations up to 25 years. Fixed and variable rates available.
  • Commercial Real Estate Financing
    For the purchase or refinance of commercial, industrial, and/or investment property. Terms range from 10 years, amortizations up to 25 years. Fixed and variable rate options.
  • Term Loans
    For the purchase or refinance of machinery, equipment, or other capital assets. These loans are generally 12 to 180 month terms with fixed and variable rate options available.
  • Lines of Credit
    Available for any general business purpose. Rates are typically set at a floating rate with the Wall Street Journal Prime Lending rate as the index.
  • SBA 7(a) Loans
    Business expansion, business acquisition, commercial real estate purchase, machinery & equipment purchase, working capital, and debt refinance. Terms up to 25 years. Variable rate spread over the Wall Street Journal Prime Lending Index.
  • SBA 504 Loans
    Land and building purchase, construction or renovation, and machinery & equipment purchase. Terms up to 20 years.

Contact our lending department at 800-434-7300, to apply or to schedule an appointment with a lending specialist.

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What Our Members Say

Member comment about their Bridge lending experience: "Bill was extremely friendly and helpful and was able to match competitive rates locally. Easy to apply online and over the phone." Tim & Michele, April 2017
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Fee-free access to your money, almost anywhere!


CO-OP, the largest Credit Union ATM Network in the world, offers nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide.

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Protect yourself against IRS fraudsters.


Many people have lost millions of dollars and their personal information to tax scams. Remember to be cautious and mindful and to know the warning signs of these frauds before being scammed!

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Montgomery County Members
You have access to the Alliance One surcharge-free ATM network and the Co-Op surcharge-free ATM network.

We have thousands of surcharge free ATMs state and nationwide. Enter a street address or simply a zip code to find the closest one to you.

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Shared Branches

Our network of Co-op shared branches has nearly 350 locations statewide and thousands nationwide.

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The value we pride ourselves on the most at Bridge is our commitment to providing friendly, trustworthy service and real support. If you have questions, comments or concerns, we want to hear from you.

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