Retirement is a time to look back with appreciation and a time to look forward with excitement. You aren’t looking for a rocking chair on a porch… you want to enjoy the retirement you worked so hard for all those years. Our package of product and service recommendations help you adjust to your new income so that you can enjoy your retirement and the adventures ahead of you.


Rate break for retirees. Bridge recognizes your many years of service and created ConnectPLUS, a complete package of benefits just for you. If you were an employee of one of our employer groups and retired, you are eligible for this award-winning member service program.

Certificate of Deposit

Certificate of Deposits offer a very low risk investment for people who save over a longer period of time. You can open a CD with almost any amount of money, and the longer you keep your money in the CD, the higher your interest rate will be. You select your savings term when opening the account.

Certificate of Deposits are considered a good option for retirement since they are a safe investment. Individuals who are conservative with their money and do not wish to take a chance using higher-risk investments appreciate CDs for their predictable earnings. In particular, people who are approaching retirement age need to be more conservative with their money than someone who is in their 20’s. It makes sense to use Certificate of Deposits to hang on to the money they’ve already invested throughout the years.

Diamond Dividend Checking

Interest bearing checking PLUS with ConnectPLUS you get FREE checks for life! With an interest-bearing checking account, Bridge pays you interest on the money in your account, much like it pays interest on a savings account. However, with a checking account you can also write checks or use debit cards, making it easy to access your money as needed for bills, purchases and so forth.

Recreational Loan

Does your next adventure include an outdoor adventure or the open road? Are the mountains calling and you must answer? Then, Bridge has the lending solution to help get you on the road (or water). Explore the possibilities today!


IRA/IRA Certificates

While opening a retirement account may seem counterintuitive, for some retirees still working part time, continuing to seed a tax-deferred IRA can ensure that you have enough money to enjoy retirement long into the future.