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Okay, okay, no one is perfect… and we don’t expect you to be. A lot of people weren’t afforded a proper education in understanding finances, budgeting or credit. In fact until 2009, the large credit card companies were making money by targeting people under 21 (they even sold credit cards for free t-shirts on college campuses) knowing they could hit them with high fees and hard to understand “small print”. Our product and service recommendations recognize past financial challenges and offers you a fresh start to getting your finances back on track.

Systematic Savings

Build an emergency savings using direct deposit. You won’t spend the money as easily because it goes into a separate savings automatically each pay.

Share Secured Visa Rewards Credit Card

Our Visa® Share Secured Credit Card is perfect for someone who is building or rebuilding credit. The credit card is secured by your Bridge share account so you’ll earn dividends while building your credit. Plus, you get to pick which rewards card is best for you.

Clear Path Checking

We believe past mishandling of a checking account should not mean you’re denied the opportunity to start over. At Bridge Credit Union, we have created a way to open a checking account now, with the ability to upgrade once you’ve established a good history.

Credit Score Analysis

FREE one-on-one credit counseling. Knowledge is power. Whether your credit score is low, high, or in between, this personalized service can help you understand credit scores. Learn what makes up a credit score, what impacts it negatively and positively, and most important: how to raise and protect it.