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Your Voice, Your Vote.


Did you know that your membership with Bridge Credit Union also makes you an owner?  Bridge Credit Union is a financial cooperative owned and governed by its members. A volunteer Board of Directors governs the credit union and represents the needs of the membership by providing vision and direction for the credit union.  As part of this special democracy, YOU get a voice in your credit union through your vote. We are pleased to announce the opportunity for you to cast your vote for the Board of Directors of Bridge Credit Union for 2023.  Voting will begin on 01/27/23  and ends on 03/13/23. Please review the candidate biographies below before you cast your vote.  You may cast your vote by clicking the “Vote Now” box, or by completing a paper ballot at one of our locations.

Mike McColeman

Board of Directors

Mike has been an active Board member for Bridge Credit Union for the last 14 years and currently serves on the 401(k)Trustee/Pension and Nominating/Associate Director/Succession Committees.
With your vote, he will continue to direct our Bridge Credit Union to provide the lowest loan interest rates, highest savings and checking account interest rates, the best debit and credit card rewards, and support the increased use of technology and web-based services.

Mike has worked for the Ohio Department of Transportation for the past 33 years and currently works in the Office of Hydraulic Engineering. He is a registered Professional Engineer with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the Ohio State University. As a manager at the Department, Mike has implemented innovative programs to improve processes and increase efficiency. Likewise, he will continue to provide input for current and future improvements and services to benefit all Bridge members.

Julie Ray

Board of Directors

Julie has served on the Board of Directors for 32 years and currently is Chairperson. She is retired from ODOT as Chief Financial Officer. Julie has knowledge in Finance and Management. She serves on Executive Committee, 401k Trustee/Pension Committee, and ALCO Committee.

Dan DeNiro

Board of Directors

Dan has served on the Board of Directors for 7 years and currently is the Secretary. He is employed at ODOT as a Financial Manager. His background is in Finance, HR, and IT. He also serves on the Executive Committee and Information Security Committee.