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Financial Wellness Program

As one of our Select Employer Groups, you have access to a free financial wellness program for your employees. This program is designed to help build financial stability and success for your employees and is a no-cost way to enhance your employee benefits offerings.

Why you should offer the Financial Wellness program as part of your employees benefits package

Next time you’re in front of a group of your employees, look around. One out of every four faces you are looking at is suffering from serious financial pressures. The statistics of financial stress in the workplace is staggering:

Of workers spend up to 25% of the day on personal matters relating to finances.

1 in 4 employees are seriously distressed/stressed

Of employees are in serious financial trouble

Of all people cite money as the number one stressor

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Financial Stress Impact to Your Organization

  • OT due to lack of productivity
  • Extra Staff due to lost productivity
  • Workers Comp premium increases due to preventable claims
  • Increased health care premiums due to preventable claims
  • Excessive absences
  • Lower service standards
  • Company resources used for personal matters
  • Embezzlement/theft of property
  • Lowered morale

More Employee Financial Stress Statistics

  • Stress is the #1 reason for doctor visits
  • A company with 100 employees has 13 employees spending 2 hours a day on personal finances That’s over $100k a year in lost productivity! (based on $15/hour)

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There are 5 reasons most employers don’t have a financial wellness program:

Employees are not interested

FACT:  87% of employees want education.

No leadership

FACT:  You’re the leader, support it!

Lack of

FACT: We do all of the work for you.

Not a

FACT: Look at the statistics, make it a priority.

Don’t know how or where to start

FACT: We do it for you.

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