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1. Primary Relationship (50 pts per account):    

2. Years of Membership  (1 pt/yr for 16 yrs and over):

3. Type of Savings Account

A. Number of Non-IRA Certificates (10 pts per account):      

B. IRA & IRA Certificates (20 pts per account):                   

C. Additional Savings Products Present (10 pts per account):

D. Aggregate Savings Balance:

E. Any savings product with a negative balance (-200 per account):

4. Member Loans

A. Home Equity Line of Credit (25 pts per account):          

B. All Loans except HELOC, Mtg, CC (10 pts per account):  

C. Mortgage (25 pts per account):  

D. Aggregate Loan Balance:

E. Any loan product at a delinquency of 2 or above (-200 per account):

5. Self-Service Relationship

A. Debit/Signature based activity (25 pts per month):  

B. OTB or Online Credit Card (25 pts per month):       

C. Active Audio Response (5 pts per month):             

D. Active Online Banking (10 pts per month):             

E. E-Statement enrolled (50 pts per month):             

F. Bill Payment enrolled (50 pts per month):               

6. Member Elected Deposit Relationship

A. Payroll with Deposits greater than 1,000/mo. (50 pts per month):

B. ACH with Deposits greater than 1,000/mo. (50 pts per month):   

C. Loan Payments only via AFT-active (15 pts per month):              

D. Loan Payments via ACH (25 pts per month):                             

7. Other

A. Wrong Address (-200 pts per month):       

8. Electronic Services Usage

A. Mobile Text Banking (25 pts per month):   

B. Enotice Subscription (10 pts per month):   

C. Valid Email Address (25 pts per month):     

Total Points