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Clear Path Checking

If you’ve had past problems and want a fresh start, this is the account is for you.

We believe past mishandling of a checking account should not mean you’re denied the opportunity to start over.  At Bridge Credit Union, we have created a way to open a checking account now, with the ability to upgrade once you’ve established a good history.  The Clear Path checking account gives you most of the features of our Crystal Free and Diamond Dividends account, with a low monthly fee of $9.95.

ATM Fees

We do not charge an ATM usage fee on the first 4 ATM withdrawals.  After that, we charge a $3.00 fee for each transaction.  ATM machine owners may charge an additional fee unless you use one of our free ATMs. If you find you are a heavy ATM user, consider visiting your ATM once a week and withdraw enough to cover you for the week.

Upgrading your account

We want you to enjoy the benefits of an account that charges you less. Once you meet the criteria listed below, you can apply for a Crystal Free or Diamond Dividends checking account.

  • Clear Path checking account member for one year.
  • Favorable checking account history.
  • Save $250 in a savings account over 1 year.
  • Complete the FREE Online MoneyED “Managing Your Checking Account” financial education class.


Whether you’re looking to learn more about maintaining a checking account, obtaining a loan, or learning more about personal finance, each course will prepare you to make wise financial choices. When you’re finished, take the quiz at the end of the chapter to measure your success. Simply click here to get started!

Call us when you’re ready to upgrade and we’ll be happy to assist you.