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ConnectPLUS Retirement Program

Retirement is a time of many big changes, but one constant you can count on is your membership at Bridge Credit Union. Whether you are currently a member, or wish to become a member in the future, your employment affiliation allows you to do so at any time. At Bridge,  you and your family are members for life. Bridge Credit Union recognizes your many years of service and has created ConnectPLUS, a complete package of benefits° for you.

Rate Breaks on Certificates and Loans¹

You will receive a 0.25% APY rate increase on certificate and 0.25% APR rate decrease (offered on consumer closed end loans). Bridge loan discounts and certificate bumps apply monthly to the certificate/loan as an interest credit.

Loan Deferral²

You may use the option of a loan deferral for up to two consecutive months following your retirement. Deferred payments are offered on consumer closed end loans; new loans are eligible after 60 days and we will even waive the skip-a-payment processing fee.

Free Checks³

Paper checks are still a great way to pay bills and buy the things you need. As an added value we are pleased to offer you free checks.

Terms and Conditions

°All benefits can be enjoyed by the individual retiree and terminate only upon death or account closure. Benefits can only be used if the retiree is the primary owner of an account and/or the primary borrower on a loan. ¹Rate break offered on closed end, fixed rate, consumer loans. Real estate and open end loans are not eligible. Rate break does not apply to current loans or certificates already being used. Retiree needs to contact credit union upon each certificate maturity to request the rate break, otherwise the certificate will automatically renew at the prevailing rate. ²Deferred payment(s) will be added at the end of the loan term. Finance charges continue to accrue during the skipped period. This loan deferral option is available upon retirement. Future deferrals can be taken advantage of by using our standard Skip-a-Payment product. All terms and conditions of the Skip-a-payment product apply when that option is used. ³Free checks are limited to basic check design and 1 box per year.