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Crystal Free Checking

If you need a great checking account with no fuss or maintenance fees, this is the account for you.

Our Crystal Free checking account is our classic, simple checking account. This account gives you every feature you’d expect from a checking account without a monthly fee or minimum balance requirement. This account is perfect for normal, everyday spending and those members who do not carry high average daily balances.

ATM Fees

We do not charge an ATM usage fee on the first 6 ATM withdrawals.  After that, we charge a $3.00 fee for each transaction.  ATM machine owners may charge an additional fee unless you use one of our surcharge free ATMs. If you find you are a heavy ATM user, consider a free cash back option when you use your debit card at participating merchants, generally grocery stores or gas stations.  For cash back transactions, you will need to enter your PIN.