Money Market Savings

The more you save, the more you earn.

Money market accounts are a popular option for people looking to save money. Money Market Savings Accounts earn more than a traditional savings account – and like a savings account you still have convenient access to your funds. With the tiered rates, as your balance increases so do earnings.

If you keep a higher balance in your savings you can earn more – in fact, the more you save, the more you earn.


Money Market Benefits:

  • These accounts offer members the convenience of online banking and the advantage of competitive interest rates.
  • The funds are insured up to $500,000.
  • You have access to your funds, which means your money isn’t tied up the way it is in other types of accounts, such as CDs.
  • The interest rate you get for a money market account is higher than a traditional savings account.
  • Unlike regular savings accounts, Bridge’s money market provides you with the ability to easily access your money.


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