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Transportation Industry

We are the only credit union in Ohio chartered to serve specific sectors within the transportation industry in Central Ohio!

Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Loan

In addition to the traditional loans we offer (auto, credit card, mortgages, and student loans), we offer a unique loan product designed specifically for Commercial Truck Drivers.
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Business Loans

You have a vision for your business and the reality is: Your business needs money to make that vision come to life. From meeting your weekly payroll, buying inventory, or funding large scale capital projects, you need access to funding. Bridge Credit Union can help you with your business needs by offering loans of different sizes and terms.
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Text Banking

Enrolled members can text-message requests and receive text message replies on the available balance on their accounts at any time. They can also select to have eAlerts, such as balance alerts, sent to their mobile devices in the form of a text message, giving them timely feedback when their available funds drop below a desired level.


eAlerts/eNotices allow members to request electronic alerts when account balances get to a certain level, when ACH items are posted, when loan payments are coming due, or when an eNotice is generated. For questions or to sign-up call 800.434.7300 or Click Here.