Crystal Free Checking

If you need a great checking account with no fuss or maintenance fees, this is the account for you.

Our Crystal Free checking account is our classic, simple checking account. This account gives you every feature you’d expect from a checking account without a monthly fee or minimum balance requirement. This account is perfect for normal, everyday spending and those members who do not carry high average daily balances.

Youth Savings Accounts

Encourage your children to start saving with a Youth Savings Account from Bridge Credit Union. First, open a new savings account for each child with our Youth Account Application (or visit our office). Second (optional), print the Parent-to-Kid Savings Contract (P2K) and complete it. This simple contract allows your child to list a savings goal (a bicycle, video game, or other ‘want’ or ‘need’). It’s a great way to reinforce good savings habits and making (and sticking to!) goals.

Student Loans

The cost of a college education is expensive, but worth every penny. Maximize scholarships, grants, and federal loans. These are the least cost ways to pay for a higher education (short of mom and dad). However, when that’s not enough, we can help. We offer a private student loan program that allows for the loan to be placed in the student’s name. This helps build credit for the student. Also, no payments are required while the student is enrolled at least half-time. This takes the pressure of payments off and keeps the focus on learning.

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Youth Auto Loans

Our Youth Auto Loan is an excellent way to start building credit

Building a credit history is tough. To get credit, you have to have credit. And if you have no credit, how do you get it?  We have the solution:  A Bridge Credit Union Youth Auto Loan. This program is open to all members aged 16-18 and offers all of the benefits and rates of our regular vehicle loans. All that is required is a qualified co-borrower who is the parent or guardian. After twelve months of favorable repayment history and when the minor is 18, the co-borrower can request to be removed from the loan.

Apply or call our lending department for more information about this unique product at 614-466-4988.

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