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Identity theft devices found on gas pumps in Ohio.

By October 11, 2023Uncategorized

Electronic devices known as skimmers — which steal personal information from gas pumps — were found more Ohio Counties.  This brings the number to seven counties affected by this emerging form of identity theft. Two state agencies are working together and with local authorities to catch those responsible.

Read the Full Article on Dayton Daily News.

How to Protect Yourself

To guard against being victimized, consumers are advised to use credit, rather than debit, cards. This prevents the thieves from also making off with PIN numbers providing access to bank accounts.

While the devices are connected inside the pumps, broken seals can be a sign of tampering. Any broken seals or suspicious behavior around pumps should be reported to station owners or local police.

In addition, careful scrutiny of credit-card bills can help detect identity theft or credit-card fraud.

Below is an image showing the different between a gas pump with and without a skimmer.