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How to Save Time and Money

By November 20, 2023Featured, Uncategorized

For decades past, being responsible with “Bill-Pay management” involved checking your mailbox for bills and paying them with paper checks in envelopes. Times have changed and online bill pay is offered by financial institutions including Bridge Credit Union! With online Bill Pay, you can view, schedule, and pay your bills right from your computer or phone.  

One of the biggest advantages of Bill Pay is that Bill Pay is secure. Nowadays, the mail system may not be the safest option to send a check. Using online banking reduces the risk of identity theft. Bridge Credit Union uses the best security protocols to keep your transactions secure and keeping your information safe.  

Next, Bill Pay simplifies money management. Using your online banking portal allows you to look at your balances at any time, anywhere, as well as searching specific payments. This allows you to stay organized with setting up notifications about scheduled payments and future bills. Which can let you keep track of your budget easier and avoid missing payments. 

LastlyBill Pay saves YOU time. There is no need to make paying bills a daunting responsibility. With Bill Pay, it takes minutes to pay your bills, rather than mailing out checks or calling to inquire about your balances. With the automatic bill pay feature, you have more time to focus on moments that matter most.  

By enrolling in online banking, you’re setting yourself up for financial success. Online Banking and Bill Pay is secure, convenient and makes managing money much easier. Get started today with Bridge online banking!